10-Capital Review: Does 10-Capital Meet Most of the Requirements of the Modern Traders?

10-Capital Review: 10-Capital Meets Requirements of Modern Traders
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10-Capital Review

When you look at 10-Capital, you realize that new and emerging brokers are nothing less than the most tenured ones. Read 10-Capital review to find more.

If you are ready to launch yourself into your trading career, you might want to do some research on the available brokers and pick one that meets your requirements the best. Of course, you will find a mix of new and old brokers on the internet. The most experienced are the most reliable ones whereas the ones want to offer their brokers the latest tech for trading. When you look at 10-Capital, you realize that new and emerging brokers are nothing less than the most tenured ones. But does this broker really meet all the requirements of the modern traders?

Let’s dive into this detailed 10-Capital review to find out.

Basics of Trading with 10-Capital

Before talking about the requirements of the traders and how 10-Capital meets them, it is imperative to know the workings of the broker first. So, the first concept you have to understand from this 10-Capital review is that 10-Capital is an online broker that helps you trade CFDs only. Contracts for Difference are agreements that allow you to take a position in a trade. Taking a position means you either buy an asset or sell it while predicting the movement of its price. In the case of CFDs, you only hold on to the contracts, not the assets. If the price of the asset moves in the direction you have predicted, you will make profit.

The basics of trading are still pretty similar to trading real forex currencies and stocks. You just have the peace of mind that you don’t have to own the asset physically or sell it to someone. There are tens of strategies that you can use to benefit from these trades. Price charts are your best friends. You will also be taking advantage of all the indicators and signals that you use when you trade stocks. When you sign up with 10-Capital, it is the broker who will have to give you access to all of these things. You would naturally expect your broker to help you make profit on your trades and facilitating you during your trading career.

How 10-Capital Meets the Requirements of the Modern Traders

Let’s pick the most important and common requirements from the traders one by one and see how 10-Capital meets them.

The Safety Requirement

A lot of people who want to step into trading are doing it for the first time. They have never had the experience of trading online before. They are not too sure how the whole system works, how they have to deposit money, and what will happen to the money after their deposit. They are quite skeptical about things. Not to mention, the recent mishaps with the biggest tech companies of the world have caused the standard forming organizations of the world to come up with standards like GDPR. Today, it is more important than ever for companies to protect the information of their customers.

Protection of customer information starts right when a trader fills out the online form on the website to sign up. It is not about how safely the broker keeps the information on its servers. In fact, the information must be protected as soon as it leaves the computer of the customer. That’s where encryption comes in. 10-Capital deploys the safest and strongest encryption standards of 256-bit to protect your information as soon as you enter it on the website. Just like information, traders are also concerned about their money.

Depositing money requires you to be quite daring. You want to be sure that the broker is a legit entity and that nothing wrong will happen to your money. Your peace of mind is important for 10-Capital and that’s why the company has created separate accounts to hold your money. According to several 10-Capital review stories online, it can be seen that the company does not mix the funds you deposit in your account with the money in its company accounts.

The Requirement of Trading Freely

What does it mean to trade freely? In simple words, it means to be able to trade without any unnecessary worries. For example, if your broker takes a lot of money from you for every trade, you will not be able to trade with the peace of mind. You will always be calculating how much money the broker is going to take away from your profits. Furthermore, you want the freedom of trading any asset that you like. In short, you expect your broker to have a big asset index so you can choose your favorite tradable asset.

When it comes to worry-free trading, you will have to admire the efforts put in by 10-Capital. The company has made things easy for the traders by keeping its own earnings at minimum. When you want to see how much the broker is going to make from your trades, the first thing to look at is the spread. You must have seen a lot brokers talking about tight spreads. That’s because tight spreads show that they make very little money off your trades and give you the opportunity to take the most of your profit. You will have to admire what 10-Capital is doing for its traders when it comes to spreads.

The spreads are competitive, i.e. they are better than most other brokers on the internet. Many 10-Capital review stories from the internet users tell the same. When you enter a trade, you will not have to worry about you losing a lot of money because of the wide spreads. In addition to this particular issue, you have to look at what assets you can trade with a broker. You have to know at this point that you can’t trade the same assets with all the brokers. The asset index is always different as you jump from broker to broker. 10-Capitat’s asset index is one of the best you can expect from the online brokers. It has assets from a variety of markets and from several different asset classes.

If your interest is primarily in trading precious metals, you can trade platinum, gold, silver, and many other precious metals. If you like soft commodities, you have sugar, corn, wheat, etc. to trade. All the best and the biggest companies of the world are listed in the stocks section. One of the most important asset classes is of forex. Here, you can trade foreign currency pairs that belong to several parts of the world. It is up to you whether you want to make a lot of money on your trades or play safe with minimum risks. Go with the common currency pairs for minimum risks and the rate currency pairs if you don’t mind the volatility.

The Requirement of Trading Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is being mentioned in a different category here because it needs a different treatment. Cryptocurrency market is unlike any other financial market in the world. While other assets have been around for decades and even centuries, cryptocurrencies have not been around for more than six or seven years. During these years, they have gathered a lot of fame and controversy at the same time. There are broker who want to play safe, and that’s why you will not find any cryptocurrencies for trading on their platforms. However, there is no denying to the fact that cryptocurrency market is one of the most lucrative financial markets of today.

If you are interested in investing in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, ripple, etc. you will love the trading platform from 10-Capital. You don’t even have to face any unnecessary restrictions of going only long or short on your trades. You can take the position you want and whenever you want.

The Requirement of Easy Account Opening

Believe it or not, many traders around the world do not join an online broker’s platform only because they are not comfortable with the way accounts have been designed. When it comes to the different accounts types available from the broker, the first thing that matters is the amount you have to put in your account to activate it. With basic accounts, you expect to be able to activate them with very little money. However, small initial deposits are not something that you can expect from every broker. 10-Capital is one of the online brokers with six account options.

These accounts have been separated from each other based on many different features. First, you have to see the minimum deposit that activates your account. The basic and silver accounts from 10-Capital let you join the platform with very small initial deposits. If initial deposit is not a problem for you then you can go with the advanced account types. It does not matter which account you choose because you will still get the leverage and loyalty bonus. With leverage, you will be in control of huge trades and you can earn huge profits. On the other hand, loyalty points let you earn credits when you trade actively on the 10-Capital platform. You can later use this money to trade big.

The Educational Requirement

This is another extremely important thing for people who are joining the trading world for the first time. For someone to trade in the financial markets, they have to learn what trading is all about and the many strategies that are associated with it. The best thing about joining the 10-Capital platform is that you get education in two forms. First, you will get education right on the website and secondly, you will be given a lot of training material when you sign up. The website has a lot of useful information that you can use to learn the basics of trading. In fact, 10-Capital review here can help you understand that it is the only broker that has a page dedicated to a bunch of trading strategies.

Other brokers will require you to open an account to learn about trading strategies. There is also a very detailed glossary on the website that teaches you all the terms and jargons used in the trading world. In addition to that, you have training material that you get access to when you sign up. What kind of training you receive depends on the type of account you choose. With a basic account, you will be accessing basic training. If you want to gain access to all the training material, you will have to sign up with an advanced account type. Webinars are a great way to learn about trading too. However, webinars are only accessible to those who sign up with gold, platinum, diamond, and Millioner accounts.

The Customer Care Requirement

It won’t be wrong to say that this is the most important requirement of any trader or customer who signs up with a company. Almost all the brokers make a lot of promises with their traders. These promises include delivering the best trading platform and creating the best trading conditions. However, poor customer service can completely ruin the experience of all these things. You have to be sure that you are there when your traders need you.

10-Capital has arranged for all the different methods of contact the company for the convenience of its traders. The company representatives are available to talk to the customers 24 hours daily for five days of the week. They can receive calls and also reply to the emails from the customers. All these contact details are available on the website. The live chat feature, which is one of the most popular ways of contacting a company these days, is also there. You can click on the live chat option and an agent from the company will be there to talk to you about whatever issues you have.

Bottom Line

The more you explore 10-Capital through 10-Capital review posts online, the more you realize that this broker has launched its services after understanding the needs of the traders. From a platform that’s compatible with all the iOS, Android, and Windows devices, to trading conditions that make trading a pleasant experience, everything is top notch from the broker. What’s surprising here is the fact that 10-Capital is only one of the many emerging names in the online trading industry. Just because it focuses a lot on the requirements of the modern traders does not mean that experienced traders will not have a great experience while trading on its platform.

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