5 Common Mistakes that Startups Make with their Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Launching a startup is not exactly a piece of cake. Startups are known to fail at a high rate, especially in their first year, which makes it a big risk for entrepreneurs, even if they know what they are doing. The best way to survive and also thrive is to learn from mistakes made by others, particularly when it comes to online marketing. No startup can succeed without marketing, but online marketing mistakes can also sink your business. Listed below are 5 common mistakes that startups make with their online marketing:

Mistake 1: Going big on marketing campaigns

When you are new, you obviously want to make a splash in the market. Sure, you want to go viral, but spending a good chunk of your business’s budget on marketing is not a wise decision. You will end up running your business into the ground. Instead of hiring the top California SEO company, you can use your budget for enhancing customer experience. If your customers are happy, your business can grow with referrals.

Mistake 2: No solid blogging plan

Yes, a blog can help a startup in getting off the ground, but without a solid plan, you will just bleed your money on fruitless endeavors. You need to create a blog plan before launch in which the first three months of content should be outlined along with their delivery dates. Content should also be organized into categories to ensure it is relevant to your business.

Mistake 3: Focusing on your competitors

Every business wants to know what its competitors are up to and keeping track of them is crucial for staying one step ahead. However, focusing too much on your competitors will also strangle your business as it serves as a distraction. Being overly focused on your competition saps energy and time away from your customers and you will not be able to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns because you will be making changes to it constantly.

Mistake 4: Trying to reach everyone

Nowadays, targeted advertisements have become common and national SEO is a more popular trend. Surprisingly, most startups try to advertise to everyone and this causes their resources to be stretched too thin. Your marketing impact is neutralized in this way and your business is unable to generate the leads it should. Hence, it is a better idea to decide a target market and aim for it and branch out later when you have the resources.

Mistake 5: Chasing after brand perfectionism

Everyone wants their business to be perfect in every way. But, constantly fretting over branding decisions can have an adverse impact on your startup’s growth. For instance, changing the company name after the launch of the business is one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs can make. This is a waste of time and money because everything have to be rebranded and you will be back at square one.

All startups need to avoid these common marketing mistakes in order to survive and succeed in the long run.

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