5 Jobs Where Robots Are Already Replacing Humans

5 Jobs Where Robots Are Already Replacing Humans

Technology has made machines smarter than ever. They are now highly efficient, precise and obedient. They are in very different from human beings – they don’t have emotions, don’t get tired or become sick. And that is what which makes them the perfect employees.

Machines have always been an important part of our business operations. The frequent use of machines in industries and homes dates back hundreds of years. But it’s recently that there has been an increasing fear of machines taking our jobs. These are not only jobs that come under the low skill category. They include mid-skilled jobs as well.

Though robots aren’t ready to put everybody out of a job yet, however, in the near future many of us will find a few of our tasks automated. Further, experts believe many existing job roles will be automated within the next 30 years since they are already a few in the replacement process.

Let’s take a look at the five jobs where robots are already replacing humans.

1. Warehouse Workers

In recent years, warehouse owners have welcomed automated systems to operate operations more effectively. Though it significantly helped them to simultaneously increase efficiency and reduce cost, it allowed them to reduce human roles in their warehouses as well.

Amazon, the online retail giant is one of the biggest examples where robots are replacing human jobs. In recent years the company has increased its fleet of robots and today the company has over 100,000 robots that pick out warehouse items for customer delivery. On a whole, these robots have made the warehouse operations efficient and increased productivity. Though the company is increasingly replacing humans with robots to perform different operations, they still insist they will not entirely replace human labor, at least not the near future.

2. Retail Sales Associate

With Artificial Intelligence integrated into machine technology, robots have become increasingly intelligent over the time. Conversational robots are now cropping up in retails stores as well. These robots welcome customers as they walk through the door, answer their questions and even help them in locating desired products.

Intelligent robots – Pepper and OSHbots – have started to snatch a fair few sales associate jobs over the years. Nestle uses Pepper to sell machines in Japan, as well as answer customer questions. While OSHBbots is used by a retail company Lowe’s in the U.S works as a robot shop assistant. Robots like these keep a complete knowledge of stores inventory, literally impossible for a human employee.

Well, it’s not so far we will find robots such as Pepper and OSHbots in almost every retail store.

3. Security Guard

Robotic security guard like Knightscope’s K5 is already patrolling different premises to relieve human security guards of their jobs. The K5 is a state of the art security guard that constantly monitors is surroundings for any type of suspicious activity and behavior via its 360-degree cameras, laser scanners, a microphone, and a long-range RFID.

Shopping malls in California already have an impressive 24 of these robots patrolling their premises. And with increased advancement, it won’t be long enough till we find such robots replacing security guards in different parts of the world as well.

4. Food and Courier Delivery Persons

Companies like Starship Technologies have built a bot that can carry 10kg of food and courier items and deliver them to the right place. These robots are fitted with GPS and cameras to navigate through a location. In addition, they have great security – they take pictures and sent an alert if someone tries to steal items.

These bots have already been taken up by Just Eat, a Turkish takeaway in London. Meanwhile, Starship plans to deploy hundreds of courier bots in the coming years. Needless to say, in the near future, we can find more of these bots running in our cities replacing human jobs.

5. Receptionist

Not so long ago the Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki Japan has introduced female robots to welcome guests at their reception desk. And recently Pepper becomes the first robot receptionist in London that greets guests on entry with personalized gestures and also performs some basic tasks.

Though they may not provide as warm a welcome as a real female receptionist, it’s a clear indication that bots like these can replace humans in this job role as well. Yes, they are expensive to purchase but turn out to be cheaper than humans over time.

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