7 Work From Home Jobs To Avoid If You Are A Minor

7 Work From Home Jobs To Avoid If You Are A Minor

Even though it’s a good practice to earn from an early age and bear your own studies and other expenses but the urge to earn money in teenage has led many teenagers in the wrong direction. They are being hit by scam employers and individuals to do jobs that either have no existence to begin with or are illegal in nature.

Although the list of jobs to avoid below must be avoided by anyone belonging to any age group but a stronger and stricter advice is always given to teenagers because they are always more passionate to do something and this desire to do something big is what gets manipulated and exploited by these heartless beings on internet and everywhere else. Here’s a list of jobs that you must avoid while hunting for online jobs and once again, teenagers should be more careful as their lack of experience in worldly could easily incite them to do such jobs.

Illicit SEO

Many a times you will encounter projects where the companies are asking you to provide them with search engine optimization for their websites. However, these websites are often looking for quick and shortcut methods to get on top in the search engine rankings. That’s where the black hat SEO techniques come into play. You are asked to write content that is filled with keywords but makes no sense for the reader. The keywords are repeated over and over without any reasonability and that’s when search engines kick these websites out of their indexed websites. There are many other techniques used by SEOs at times that are considered illicit and this puts them and the websites they work for in trouble.

Craft Assembly Scam

As a teenager you are definitely filled with the zeal to do something on your own and to show the world your inner talent. Perhaps you draw pictures or do paintings or maybe you love to make little gadgets out of wires and magnets. An online scam company would ask you to collect your little works of art and science and say that you will be given a better price for them if you sold it to them. However, the real trick is when they ask you to sign up with a fee, which of course does not make any sense for a company that considers itself an employer.


One of the most enticing candidates in online jobs is multi-level marketing. Here you are asked to register yourself with a company and get paid to get more people registered with the company through your reference. This chain process, as stated by these scam companies, continues forever until you have so many people under you that your commissions reach millions of dollars. Here’s a piece of advice: do your math and calculation and research some on the internet and you will find out that their basics are based on fantasies.

The Money Making Forwarded Emails

You get an email from some weirdly named company that doesn’t bother a bit before mentioning a well-known companies name in the email and asking you to forward the email to get paid. That’s it! All you have to do is forward this email and the more people receive this email, the more you get paid. Sometimes you are asked to forward the email to a certain number of people to get a huge check. Don’t even think of earning through this method because it just doesn’t exist.

The Reshipping Job

This is found rarely but it is there and if it’s there, you must beware. You will be contacted through email and invited to earn commissions from shipping items to some destination that you have no clue of. This is often done through illegal means: someone steals someone’s credit card and after purchasing the products from this stolen card ships them to your address, you are asked to keep the commission and ship product to the address you’ve been told. When the thief gets caught, guess who’ll be caught first?

Spun Content Writing

Article and content writing are completely legal and endorsed jobs of today. However, there are ways for people to make things easier for them, albeit they have to use the illegal means. Same happens when you are told to write articles or content and instead of writing some unique content you use some sort of spinning software to spin the already-written content. Remember; this is not going to work and get you caught eventually. These softwares do a very poor conversion of the sentences and rust your skills of writing.

Any Jobs That Affect Your Studies

Lastly, any online jobs that affect your studies due to their odd timings or long hours of working should be avoided by minors. In this age your first goal is to study and the job must always be the second entry in the list of priorities. When you are looking for an online job, look for one that can be managed without any fixed working hours and that’s also known by people as a legit work. One such job is to write articles while sitting in your bedroom.

So What’s The Solution?

There is a long list of online jobs that can be done from home and various platforms that are considered most reliable for online jobs. One of the best jobs for anyone who wants to work from home is article writing. Whether you are a student or someone working in the office looking for a secondary job, this work is easy and it pays. It doesn’t even tie you to strict schedules; however, you are to meet the deadlines but they can always be managed.

Article writing service is known around the world today as a reliable and good paying job. You can work part time for a company or pick various projects from a website where employers are looking for freelancers. It would be best suited for you as a minor to work as a freelance worker. This way you can manage your time and pick only the projects that can be managed. You can also decide to stop the flow of work in the examinations so you can focus on your studies better.

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