7 Work from Home Jobs You Can Do While Juggling Kids

7 Work from Home Jobs You Can Do While Juggling Kids

Parents who stay at home with their children can find it difficult to get even a part time job let alone a full time because of the kids. Kids need attention and if you have babies to take care of while staying at home, you can easily expect to spend your entire day with them and doing nothing else. However, computer and internet have finally made it possible for parents with kids to work from home even when they are playing with their kids. There is no shortage of online jobs that you can do at any time but here are some benefits of doing online jobs that you must read before adopting one.

Benefits Of Work from Home Jobs

These are just the major benefits of doing online jobs from home, a fuller list could be too lengthy to accommodate in an article.

  • More jobs available online that are related to your area of expertise.
  • Many jobs are available online that don’t require any special skills so anyone can do them.
  • Online jobs can be done from home so you can do it even if you have to take of your kids or elders.
  • Online jobs can be highly paid and you could even become entrepreneurs by using your online resources well.
  • There are thousands of part time and freelance jobs available online and you can pick any of them without being bound to working for a particular company.
  • You don’t have to travel so you save gas and money too.
  • Jobs like customer support, telesales and bookkeeping can also be done from home for people located in other countries, and these are some high paying jobs.

Now, here are some of the jobs that parents who are staying with kids at home can do while playing and juggling with their kids.

As A Virtual Assistant

You don’t get told about this job a lot on the internet but this is actually one of the best jobs you can do online. All you have to do is assist a professional who will be working in another location in his tasks and assignments. You should be good at keeping records of things and staying updated with matters of the person you are assisting. The people you can assist can be website designers, website developers, managers of companies, article writers who have more people working for them etc.

As A Teacher

Yes, you can work as a teacher from home and you don’t need to verse yourself with the most difficult science subjects; any subject would do. You can teach students a particular language, physics, chemistry, accounting, economics and what not. Any subject that you think you have good knowledge in can be taught on the internet with the help of a free messenger.

Article, Content, Post And Press Release Writer

Article and content writing is an easy job and if you have to write in your native language, you should not have any troubles at all. Unlike other jobs, you can easily do it even if your kids are around because you are not doing a real-time work as in the case of taking calls or teaching. You can either post your interesting content on article directories that pay for articles or you can work as a freelance worker to provide work to various companies and websites around the world.


Another job that is best suitable for parents with kids, even if you have little babies to take care of. All you have to do is get a headphone and start typing what you are hearing. Companies send their videos, podcasts or recordings of certain events and conversations and want you to write their transcripts. You can be given this work with a short or long deadline depending on the amount of work. Once again, this job needs no special skills and is easy to do when you want to work from home.

Reseller Or Affiliate

Did you know that most of the companies providing services and products have reseller and affiliate programs that allow you to promote their products and get commissions for the sales? You can choose any product that you think you can easily promote. The promotion can be easily made if you have a lot of contacts online. All you have to do is let the people know about the product and send them on the website of the company you are promoting. This job doesn’t require any exhausting working hours and you don’t even have to pay anything to be a part of any such program.

Selling Likes, Followers And Fans

If you have a good fan following online or if a lot of people are added into your social networking accounts, you could use your profiles to sell likes, followers and fans to companies. For example, new singers and artists need promotion of their videos and audio songs to become famous on the internet. You can provide them with likes, views and followers by promoting their videos and songs through your online profiles. There are various online markets that have such people posting their marketing services in this manner.

Translation Of Documents

Translation is probably the easiest and the most interesting jobs that you can do while sitting at home and taking care of your kids. Get documents from online employers and translate them into your native language or any additional language that you might be adept in: it’s as simple as that. This work is interesting and you won’t feel tired of doing it and a lot of jobs are available on freelance work providing websites too.

In short, internet has all the possible opportunities for you to work from home while you are taking care of all the little chores at home and your kids. The money you get from these jobs can easily be a big addition to your current monthly budget and you can pay off your home and car payments, and the premiums for your insurance easily.

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