Best Battle Royale Games if You’re Bored of Fortnite

Battle Royale Games

The battle royale genre has become a huge business and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon minecraft, hunger games, ARMAS and Rust popularized as far back as 2012 Player’s Unknown Battleground and Fortnite ruled the world at the moment but there are many games that want to grab the top spot in the battle royale table. The list of the best games is narrowed down which I think could take you away from your current battle royale.

Realm Royale

Realm Royale is making huge waves over on the PC what makes this one slightly different from Fortnite because of its class system. It’s like Overwatch and Fortnite had an illegitimate child. Realm Royale is still 100 people dropping from the sky and killing each other in ever-shrinking circle. The inclusion of character abilities changes up encounters as the as the five main classes of mage engineer, hunter assassin and the player will require slightly different tactics to overcome. On the top there’s a crafting system and there are even mount to travel faster across the map and I’m sure there will be skins to purchase to ride on the top of giraffe. And the best part of all, who needs a glider when you can land like a super hero. Moreover, other adventurous game you can buy using Flipkart Sale offer at discounted prices.

Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying hand is trying its hand at Battle Royale and is going to be completely free. This game is set in first person and involves huge amounts of parkour elements in a city filled with zombies. Instead of hundred players fighting to death, light bad blood pits 12 players against each other who must escape before night fall. We can kill everyone we see but the objective is to find the samples in the world, the person who gets the right amount gets the last seat on the escape chopper. If you’ll collect enough on your own or will you wait to take the samples from others.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of duty has had an impact on the gamers after they released black ops 4. The blackout mode will completely focus on what Call of Duty is renowned for, the shooting mechanics and controls, the cinematic look and in addition there is ten years of history on a single map with references to Modern Walfare to ghosts and of course the Black Ops series. It gets even better by the vehicles that they have in the game.


This game has been here since the beginning but it’s now fully released on Play Station 4 and offers same battle pass as Fortnite if you prefer more boots on the ground and a little more gritty realism, I recommend jumping back into H1Z1.


It’s currently free to play on PC, but they have outlined their desire to bring SOS on consoles ASAP. The premise is a little different to Fortnite as 32 gamers rather start on lacunae island and search for loot. Another twist involves viewers making decisions to affect the island of their favourite streamer but best thing in my eye is the proximity chat which lets the fellow contestants to talk to each other adding the possibility of being tricked and backstabbed. The designers of the game are having huge issues at the moment trying to realize if it’s a fully-fledged Battle Royale title or if it wants to keep the original content of the game which was about betrayal and those relics that we mentioned. Just like dying lights, the island is filled with creatures that can infect you. So an allegiance however fragile may be the best course of action.


Back in 2012minecraft included a hunger game mode which is arguably the birth of Battle Royale genre. The irony here is that the hunger games, the book series and the movies directly rip off ideas from Battle Royale which is a brilliant film in its own right. Let’s go back to the point that Minecraft Hunger Games were so inspirational that six years later we have survival games Battle Royale. As always the premise is to fight and survive.

Reck Royale

Reck Royale is a free-to-play virtual reality take on battle royale. This game is much smaller than 100 contestants in fact it’s only 16 but you’d be surprised by how scary it is that someone could be behind you at any moment ready to hit on your head. In addition to this, you can buy more games related to this technique using AliExpress Coupons India offer.

Horizon Source

Horizon source is another steam title with huge ambitions yet again it’s free to play and starts with 100 players dropping towards an abandoned island. Horizon source is just like Realm Royale having distinctive heroes with unique skills and weapons. Here’s a scavenging element but even Fortnite’s building feature makes it over to horizon source allowing fortresses and obstacles to be erected so definitely give it a look.


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