Couples Buy Lotto 6/49 Ticket on Whim and Win Prizes

A lottery win can change your life; this is a fact. But, it is also true that very few people are lucky enough to win the jackpot. Some of the winners will tell you that they tried a bunch of strategies and tricks in order to improve their odds of winning the lottery. However, there are also stories of some winners who didn’t use any formula or tip when playing the lottery. As a matter of fact, these were the people who had participated on a whim and walked away with staggering prizes that changed their life completely.

Canada Lotto 6/49 Tickets and Results Online

This list of winners include a Canadian couple who had lost their home two years ago in a massive wildfire. Due to the ferocity and size of the wildfire, it had earned the name of ‘The Beast’ and in 2016, it had been the reason why Bill Pendergast and his wife’s house burned down. Fort McMurray in Alberta had been devastated by this wildfire as it had destroyed almost 10 percent of all the structures in the town. Mr. Pendergast had made a recent trip to Newfoundland to see his ill father. He bought a lotto ticket for the Lotto 6/49 game on a whim.

His father had asked bill to bring him a cold 7 UP drink from the store so he also decided to buy the ticket from the petrol station. He hadn’t had any plans of buying a lottery ticket. Bill had been staying at his aunt’s place on February 4th 2018, Sunday, when he was woken up by a commotion. A winning ticket had been bought from a petrol station. He went straight to the station for confirming his win.

After doing so, the 50 year old called his wife, who instantly bought a ticket to Newfoundland from Fort McMurray. Bill had found it difficult to believe and thought it was some dream. The family made plans of going on a trip somewhere warm and also wanted to use some of their winnings for refurnishing and rebuilding their home. However, there was another dream that Bill Pendergast wanted to fulfill. He wanted a Mustang and planned to buy one with the substantial prize of C$1 million.

There was another couple that spent $3 for buying a Lotto 6/49 ticket in the December 15th, 2018 draw. Nabi Kurdistan was a woman who didn’t like throwing away money on lottery tickets, but a day before the draw, she had the sudden urge to get a ticket. She gave her husband, Tawfik Sindy a $10 bill to buy a ticket from the convenience store and jokingly told him that she might get rich tomorrow. Little did she know that her joke was going to become a reality the very next day.

On Saturday, when the Lotto 6/49 draw was held, Nabi Kurdistan won an eye-popping prize worth $8 million. This was only the third time that she had bought a lottery ticket whereas her husband had a habit of buying instant tickets on a regular basis. The Kitchener couple were simply delighted with the win and were in shock when they discovered that they had won such a huge prize. Kurdistan thinks of herself as a nervous woman and she was extremely worried when her husband went to the convenience store on Saturday morning for getting the winning ticket scanned.

He called her from the store and told her that they had won $7.9 million. Upon hearing the dollar amount they had won, Kurdistan was unable to speak. She revealed that she was shaking and couldn’t do anything, much less form an actual sentence. The winning ticket had been purchased by the Kitchener couple from the Hasty Market convenience store that’s located on Westwood Drive. The store is located next to Rosh Bakery and Shawarma, the family’s own Kurdish bakery and restaurant.

Kurdistan revealed that due to their business, things had been a bit tight for the couple in terms of finance. They had opened up the restaurant nine months before and hadn’t had the time to even put a sign outside because they were busy running a new business and dealing with six kids at home. When asked what she was going to do with her winnings, Kurdistan said that they would first pay off their bank loans and mortgages and then purchase new cars for themselves.

She also added that they wanted to do something nice for their six kids who are between the age range of five and seventeen. She said that they were unsure of their future plans, but would also consider taking a trip to Kurdistan. Sindy and Kurdistan have lived in Canada for over 18 years and have only visited their family twice during this time. Therefore, they would want to visit their family with the winnings.

Sindy was sold the winning ticket by Dhruv Patel, who is a clerk at the Hasty Market convenience store. Patel said that Sindy was a regular customer. He said that when he received the call that he was the one who had sold the winning ticket, he was surprised to say the least. Patel further disclosed that the Hasty Market convenience store has sold some other winning tickets as well. This included a $500 lottery ticket that had been sold only a week before Sindy had bought his ticket.

Patel said that this was also one of the main reasons why people had begun to come to Hasty Market convenience store for buying their lottery tickets. Some have begun to believe that the tickets bought from there have a good chance of winning as a number of winners in the area bought their ticket from this store.

Both these lottery winners were not regular players of the game and had chosen to purchase their tickets on a whim. Their decision to do so turned out to be a good one because it helped them win a prize in the Lotto 6/49 draw that had the power to change their life completely.

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