Factors That Affect the Demand of Real Estate Investments

Factors That Affect the Demand of Real Estate Investments

Today, a large number of entrepreneurs consider real estate investments to be one of the most profitable ventures. Knowledge, hard work and good timing are all needed for ensuring successful real estate investments. There are a myriad of factors that can have an impact on real estate values and some of them are those that cannot be controlled by a real estate investor. The demand of real estate investing can be affected by a confluence of these factors in the right geographic location and at the right time. The major factors that are known to cause the real estate market to fluctuate are mentioned as follows:

Interest Rates and Credit Markers

The demand for real estate investment can be impacted by credit markers and interest rates. The cost of money is determined through interest rates. When the interest rate is low, it is possible for real estate investors to easily borrow money and at a considerably low cost. This means that they will have to pay less monthly payments. There are a number of real estate investors who depend on leverage for purchasing properties that have a potential of positive cash flow. The critical factors are the availability of money for getting loans for real estate and the difficulty or ease of acquiring the loan.


The demand for real estate investments can also be influenced by the supply of real estate properties. There are many cycles of real estate. There are several properties on the market in the down cycle and have low barriers to entry. Investors will be at a benefit when the number of motivated sellers in the market is high. This is especially true in the case when the number of available foreclosures is high. Purchasing low and selling high is the strategy of successful real estate investors. There will be low prices when supply is significantly excessive than demand. This time is idea for buying properties for all real estate investors.


The demand for real estate as well as its prices can be affected by the availability of jobs, especially well paid ones. The number of buyers will automatically be high in an area that has a strong job market as more will be able to afford real estate investments. This will lead to an increase in real estate prices. The prices of real estate will be soft when there is a weak job market. If the real estate market seems to be in an upswing trajectory, only then will the savvy investors choose to make a foray in the market. This usually happens in the case of an area that was depressed previously, but now has jobs to offer. This will increase the real estate activity.

Apart from these three already cited factors, the demand for real estate investment can also be affected by the national economy as a whole. The demand for real estate can be influenced through population growth, consumer confidence and strength of currency. The demand will rise if there are good prospects of recovery after recession.

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