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Intername is a recommended service for management of AdWords PPC campaigns.

Intername specializes in helping businesses in managing their online marketing campaigns and this includes Google AdWords.

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Now known as Google Ads, Google AdWords is the advertising platform introduced by Google. These ads become visible to the users when they perform a search. It has gained a lot of popularity because it can provide instant benefits by improving the visibility of a brand, which helps in bringing faster results.

Marketing has transformed over the years due to technological advancement and it has gone from the traditional to the digital. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that more and more businesses now prefer to use online marketing, which means there is intense competition on the internet. As a matter of fact, even customers have now begun to rely on the internet for making their buying decisions. Due to this kind of competition, it has become extremely important for businesses to reach out to their audience in some way. Google AdWords is the perfect solution for making it happen because they can instantly reach their desired audience and get results.

Google has also introduced a number of features to AdWords, which has helped in making it a truly powerful marketing solution for businesses in today’s competitive environment. There are a variety of ways through which Google AdWords can promote business growth and some of the prominent ones are mentioned below:

  • Increase brand awareness

In the early days, the best way to create brand awareness was by advertising through traditional media, such as billboards, newspapers, and TV and radio advertisements. This approach did get results, especially for consumer products, but wasn’t as helpful for B2B products because the message was communicated to a broad audience instead of target audience. Plus, it was also quite expensive. Google AdWords has revolutionized the way brands can do their marketing and create awareness.

Through these ads, brands are able to advertise to their potential customers when they use the search engine to find a product same as theirs. This also gives advertisers the opportunity of increasing the size of their audience by targeting people on other websites via the Google Display Network. Hence, one of the top ways Google AdWords can empower a business to grow is by creating strong brand awareness.

  • Provide faster results than SEO

The visibility that businesses can get on Google is a lot more useful in driving its sales as compared to any other medium. Search engine optimization (SEO) provides businesses the golden opportunity to only appear in front of their target audience at the exact time when they are looking for their product or service. However, the problem is that there is tough competition as it is a big opportunity so every business would want to avail it. This is one of the top reasons that ranking organically on search engines is often referred to as a tedious and time consuming process.

It is true that optimizing the websites properly and increasing credibility by back-linking to authorized websites can provide good results organically, but it also takes a lot of time. In comparison, businesses can get results a lot faster when they opt for Google AdWords. Yes, there is competition involved here as well, but it is not just the bid amount that determines your success. Other factors, such as the keyword’s quality score plays a role in determining the position of the ad, which includes landing page experience, ad relevancy and expected CTR. Thus, a business can enjoy excellent return on investment (ROI) through proper optimization of Google AdWords.

  • Outrank your competitors

In the world of traditional advertising, brands were constantly competing with each other over billboards, TV times and more for placing their ads. After all, everyone wants to reach the most audience. With Google AdWords, businesses now have a smarter option for beating their competitors and leaving them behind. If you have a competitor who shares your prospective sales and outranks you on Google, then you can use the feature of ‘Target Outrank’ provided by Google AdWords. Here, automatic bidding strategies are used for adjusting your bid to outrank the specific competitor in the auction. This is one of the most major benefits that businesses can get when they decide to use Google AdWords for their marketing.

  • Influence your audience

It is very rare for people to provide their contact details or make a purchase when they visit a website for the first time. This is due to the fact that even though everything is at our fingertips in today’s world, customers will only make a purchasing decision after they have done thorough research and have compared different options available to them. Consequently, businesses have to influence the decision of those who have visited their website in order to get them through the purchase funnel.

The remarketing ads you get through Google AdWords can make this process extremely easy and effective. People visiting a website via any source can be categorized into different audiences and can be targeted on websites that are part of Google Display Network.

  • Reach your targeted audience

A major misconception amongst marketers is that each keyword should have a 100% share impression. However, in reality, it is simply not viable to spend money for every single search. Sometimes, people do a search because they are researching for a project or even competitors may check up on you. The good thing about Google AdWords is that you can just serve ads to the audience who are far more likely to make a purchase from you. You can do this by opting for automatic bid strategies like ECPC (Enhanced Cost per Click) as the bid is then adjusted according to the previous conversion data and combination of other information, such as device, location, model, time of the day, time of the week, browser etc.

  • Test new things easily

If you have introduced a new feature in a product that you believe can attract customers, you can simply replace this feature with the existing ones mentioned in the ad and update it on your landing page as well. Meanwhile, you can also try to improve conversions by testing one of the automatic bidding strategies. In a month’s time, your conversions increase and AdWords performance in terms of CTR also sees an improvement. Obviously, you would want the same results for all the campaigns, but you don’t know what feature actually worked for you.

This is where Google AdWords can be quite useful as it gives you the chance to experiment one change for every campaign and test it for a time period. It will show you whether it was the change or the original that provided better results.

  • Schedule the ads

Another major benefit businesses enjoy with Google AdWords is the ability to schedule their ads. They can decide the time and day when they want the ads to run. This is a good thing because running ads 24/7 may not be beneficial. The day and time when ads are most effective depends on your industry niche, service, product and also your past data. You can run your campaign for a couple of months and then study the data.

This can help you in identifying the time or the day that’s eating your money i.e. there are clicks, but no conversion. You can pause your ads at that particular time or reduce your bids.

  • Remarket with great deals

One of the best ways that Google AdWords can help a business in growing is through remarketing. It has proven to be a very effective strategy in pushing users through the sales funnel and the biggest advantage is that these ads can be customized as per the website usage of every user. If a visitor comes to your website, checks out a specific product and leaves without adding it to their cart, this information is used for remarketing. When they visit another website, they will see an ad of that very product, which can bring them back to your website. This is a great way for a business to influence their potential customer to convert and make a purchase.

  • Increase audience reach with more keywords

Marketers usually choose the exact phrase or keyword in AdWords for ensuring the ad is delivered for the relevant keywords. But, Google AdWords has an RSLA feature that can be used for broad matching keywords. You can develop a campaign that comprises of broad match keywords and then choose RSLA audience for it. This will aid you in broadening your search query for those who have visited your website knowing their search will be around your product.

These are only some of the ways that Google AdWords can help a business in expanding and growing. However, you need to know how to carry out an AdWords campaign in order to reap its benefits. There are services, such as, which specialize in helping businesses in managing their online marketing campaigns and this includes Google AdWords. As long as these ads are leveraged properly, any business will see the results in a short amount of time.

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