Huge Jackpots – Lottosend’s New Player Promotions Make More Sense as USA Jackpots Soar


The USA Powerball jackpot has become wildly popular around the world with a minimum jackpot of $40 Million. Just like always, a growing jackpot always attracts more players, more so when the jackpot is this big. Go to Lottosend “play Powerball” in this link.

The current Powerball jackpot stands at $129 Million. It is not the first time the jackpot has swollen to be this big in the history of Powerball but still think what you could do with all of that money! In addition to that, this jackpot has already creeped onto the list of the #20 biggest jackpots in the history of lottery in the US. The only other lottery that has ever been able to be almost the size of the Powerball record jackpot in the US is Mega Millions (Play Here). In fact, Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots have both crossed the one billion mark at one point each as well.

The more interesting part of the whole story is that this jackpot has not been won yet. The next draw is coming on Tuesday, which is coming up fast. If the jackpot rolls over yet again, it will get even bigger.

More and more players are now buying the tickets for USA Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries as they hear about the huge jackpots in the news. Of course, a lottery jackpot receives more coverage when it gets historically big, which was the case with MegaMillions jackpot last year and Powerball in 2016. Not to mention, there are some players who only take part in the lottery when the jackpot has crossed a certain mark.

Among other things, it is now a perfect time for new lottery players to start buying their tickets on Lottosend. While they have many other websites to buy their tickets from, Lottosend is the perfect place for purchasing lottery tickets safely and with the utmost convenience.

Play USA MegaMillions and Powerball Online with Lottosend

There are many reasons why any interested players should pick Lottosend for purchasing the lottery tickets. One of the biggest reasons is that they can purchase their tickets from the comfort of their homes. With many other websites, they can only pick their numbers on the website but then have to go to a retailer to get the hard copy of the tickets. When that’s the case, it just makes more sense for someone to go to the retailer and pick the numbers at the store too.

On the other hand, Lottosend takes the responsibility of purchasing the ticket on behalf of the players too. The players have to sign up on the website, fund their accounts with the amount they desire, choose the numbers they deem will win them the jackpot, and place order to purchase the tickets. From this point onwards, Lottosend takes care of everything for its player. Its professional representatives purchase the ticket on behalf of the customer and scan it to store the information in the online account of the player.

In addition to that, Lottosend has proven over and over to be one of the very few websites that have lots of different promotions for their players. One of the best promotions for new players is the first deposit bonus. Most new players are skeptical about putting their money in the lottery account because they think they will not be able to win and their money will go to waste. The best solution to this problem is to increase the chances of winning.

That’s what new players can do with the deposit bonus promotion. For every deposit they make in their account after opening the account, Lottosend will reward them with extra cash in their account as well. The starting point of the prize is $25 i.e. a player depositing $25 will be rewarded with $20 extra. So, a new player who deposits only $25 in his/her account will have $45 to buy more tickets and boost their chances of winning. For making a deposit of $50, the player gets to play with $80.

The other big promotion for the new players is the cashback offer. In this offer, a new player is encouraged to buy the ticket of their favorite lottery and get a cashback reward for the purchase. The maximum amount for which the cashback offer is available is $30. The new players will have to keep in mind that it is a 100% cashback, so if they purchase $20 worth of lottery tickets, they will get the same $20 back in their accounts. This is definitely encouraging for new players and a perfect way for someone to take part in the current MegaMillions jackpot.

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What Winning the Jackpot Means?

If a lucky player is able to win to the jackpot in its current state, they will be getting a huge prize of $129 Million. To put it in perspective, that’s enough money for someone to change their life completely. However, the amount of money they are eligible to receive depends on how they choose to get paid. They can decide to receive annual payments from their winning or take the jackpot as is in one go.

For someone who decides to take the winning money as a lump sum payment, they will have to keep in mind certain withholdings. Despite the deductions and before the taxes are applied, the winner will be able to take home over $60 million. That money is enough to start a huge company, buy 2 of the most expensive mansions in LA or live a life relaxing in a pool and enjoying the colors of the world.

About Lottosend

Lottosend remains one of the most reliable and popular online platforms for people from around the world to buy lottery tickets. Lottosend website is more like a one-stop shop for players to buy the tickets of the world’s biggest lotteries such as SuperEnaLotto, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, MegaMillions, Powerball, etc. Lottosend helps players open an online account to buy the tickets without having to go to a retailer. With the help of a variety of promotions and bonuses, Lottosend facilitates its players by helping them buy more tickets and boost their chances of winning big in a lottery.

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