Online Payment Solutions Make Sending Money Online Easy

Online Payment Solutions

It won’t be wrong to state that sending money online is beneficial just for those who work abroad. Thanks to modern technology and easy-to-access internet facilities, it has become very easy to send money online to someone for diverse reasons with an online payment solution. The term of online payment solution or electronic wallet is not only meant to ensure that you can instantly send money online but also guarantees you that information of both the sender and receiver is always safe and protected from being used by anyone else.

If you want to send money online but are a newbie to its use, you may be looking for appropriate ways to do so. You may even consider doing it in coming days and want to know about the basics of using services to send money online, such as e-wallet, online payment processing platform or similar.

So, why not we discuss about several purposes as well as some ways to send money online that you can consider for your requirements?

Sending Money Online To Your Child

If you have a child studying or travelling abroad and need some extra money, a number of ways can be used to send money online in order to help them out. Whether the money required is for university supplies, accommodation purposes, groceries or plane tickets, transferring funds online to their accounts can help them get out of a bind within a few moments.

Clearing Invoice Payments

If you have a business online such as blogging or website designing and you need to pay monthly invoices of your employees, using online payment solutions can serve you the best. There are several free online payment solutions, such as, Payoneer, 2Checkout, Amazon Payments, Payza, Square, Skrill, and more. These platforms are equally helpful for the employers and employees to send and receive money online. Likewise, if you purchased a product or services from a seller but haven’t yet settled your bills, they can send you an invoice with an online payment solution. This helps you send money online quickly and easily with a few mouse clicks in order to clear their invoices.

Repaying a Loan

If you owe someone’s money, whether it be a professional lender or any friend, choosing one of the online payment solutions can help you repay them. In order to do so, you will need to add a credit card to your e-wallet or deposit cash with your bank account. Once done, you can send money online to the lender almost instantly. The best part of the process is that the lender doesn’t necessarily have to have an established e-wallet account. Once you send money online to them using their email addresses, a registration invitation is automatically sent to them in order to claim their payment. Since this registration takes a few minutes only, most users tend to accept it without hesitation.

Fund Raising For a Cause

In present time, most donors tend to avail online money transactions for fundraising purpose. If you too want to organize a fundraising movement for a charitable cause, nothing can be more convenient than using the online services for the purpose. This will allow people to send money online to your fundraising account hassle-free and with the comfort of their home.

There are numerous payment solutions that come with nifty “Donate Now” signs/icons on the website. These buttons are used to allow the donor to easily contribute to the charitable cause since they can send money online with just a few mouse clicks. If you do not have a website, for instance, you can also ask your friends, relatives, and family members to send money online to your personal e-wallet. Once you reached your goal, you can easily withdraw the money as you do with mainstream banks and write a cheque for the charity organization. Like mentioned earlier, if the organization happens to accept donations through e-wallet solutions, you can just send money online directly to their e-wallet too.

Online Portals to Send and Receive Money Online

When it comes to online payment solutions, there is a range of viable options to choose from to send and receive online payments. With numerous technological features, online payment solutions are appreciated by many people including online business owners, freelancers, customers, and so forth. These portals offer zero or minimal fee, enhanced security, and faster transactions options for your ease. Some of the most popular options include:

PayPal – This online payment solution is the reigning champion, whether you want to send money online to someone or looking forward for receiving your payments from abroad.

Due – This is another payment solution which along with its innovative time-tracking and invoice tools makes online transactions really convenient and hassle free.

Stripe – Stripe has a powerful and flexible API which allows you to tailor its platform according to your particular needs. It doesn’t require setting up, monthly charges or has any hidden fees.

Dwolla – Possessing many similar features of PayPal, Dwolla focuses more on ACH payments and bank transfers, allowing users to create customized payment solutions for their financial needs.

Payoneer – This is one of the oldest payment processing platforms that allow you to globally send and receive money online. It charges you a minimal fee when you send money online while receiving funds is absolutely free of cost.

2Checkout – This is another trusted payment processing solution that allows you to avail debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal all over the world. Available in 87 diverse languages, 2Checkout comes with innovative fraud protection features and integrates with many online shopping carts.

Square – Square emerged as a game changer when it first introduced a magstripe reader tool which allows business owners to swipe credit card internationally for a minimal percent transaction fee. It also allows you to pay electronic invoices, receive payments, and lots more.

Online money transfer is the friendliest trend in today’s modern era. Its process not only requires less effort and fewer stamps to complete but is also a safe and instant way to send money online to anyone around the world. Whether it is paying bills, making donations, transferring funds to your love ones or repaying personal loans, using technology is pleasantly easy and convenient, and saves you on time in the long run.


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