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StsRoyal is a trustworthy crypto investment platform with great trading conditions, a simple yet quality trading platform and various methods of payments and assets for trading. It is one of the first firms to introduce altcoins within its platform and we have given StsRoyal a total score of 4/5 stars.

StsRoyal Crypto Investment Firm Review

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to maintain a good lifestyle on an income earned from a 9 to 5 job. Most of what they earn is spent and there is nothing left to save. Sometimes, even their expenses cannot be covered by the salary and they end up getting deeper and deeper into debt. So, it is not surprising that most people are looking for ways to earn some extra income. Trading is one of the best ways of doing so as it can help you in achieving the financial stability you want in the long run. One of the best things about technological advancement is that it has made everything easier and accessible.

There was a time when aspiring traders had to go out to find an investment firm, but these days, you can find one right from home and get started with your trading experience. However, the internet is full of scams and you want to be careful when selecting an investment firm in order to ensure you don’t become a victim. In addition, you want to choose a good investment firm because your choice will determine the kind of experience you have. This is due to the fact that online investment firm now provide you access to markets, give you tools and features that can make trading easier and more.

One of the top choices of traders is StsRoyal, which has gained recognition for providing all traders, from beginners to the experienced, with a smooth and hassle-free trading experience. Initially established in April 2017, StsRoyal is a relatively new investment firm, which might make people hesitate. But, the fact is that this online trading platform was established by a team of experts based in Latin America. These experts had been part of the industry for a number of years and intended to create an online financial trading platform that could work for traders of different backgrounds and experiences and would be user-friendly.

It seems that the concept of the investment firm has proven to be immensely successful in Latin America as StsRoyal is serving tens of thousands of traders today. One of the best things about StsRoyal, which can minimize the risk for traders, is that when you trade on this platform, you are not actually physically purchasing the asset you invest in. Instead, you are trading CFDs, which means Contract for Difference. In this form of trading, you have to predict the movements of the asset’s price in the upcoming days in order to make a profit. Thus, you can make a profit when the price goes up and down.

StsRoyal wishes to make trading easy for people all over the world and it has accomplished this goal by providing a feature-rich and safe platform for trading. Not only has the platform taken necessary measures to become secure and safe, they have also provided traders access to a large number of assets so everyone can find what they need with StsRoyal. Even new and fresh traders will find this platform a good choice because it also caters to beginners by providing them access to an education center where they can polish their knowledge. Also, with StsRoyal, traders will be able to enjoy some of the tightest spreads any investment firm has to offer in the industry.

Variety of Assets

The first thing that most people check when they look at a investment firm is the assets they offer for trading. If you are interested in trading stocks or cryptocurrency and the investment firm doesn’t offer that particular asset, there is no point in going forward. Since StsRoyal wishes to cater to a wide variety of traders, it has ensured that it offers them the same variety in regard to the tradeable assets in its portfolio. From indices and stocks to forex and commodities, you can trade whatever you think suits your trading personality.

Nonetheless, you should remember that no matter what market you choose, you will be trading CFDs and not the actual asset. StsRoyal provides you access to more than 1000 different tradeable assets through its platform. In terms of forex, there are eight major currency pairs available, which include EUR/GBP, NZD/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD and USD/RUB. There are some other volatile currency pairs also offered by the investment firm and you can pick one as per your preference. Volatile pairs are usually risky and not a good idea for new traders.

Other than that, StsRoyal also offers you plenty of choice when it comes to commodities such as copper, gold, silver, coffee, oil and gas, which can be traded on the platform. You can also trade in any of the major indices and some that are offered by StsRoyal include NASDAQ, FTSE, IBEX, DAX, SPI etc. The stocks that are available can come off as a surprise as well because there are more than a hundred at your disposal. Some of the major stocks that you can invest in through StsRoyal are PayPal, Coca Cola, AT&T, Bank of America, Microsoft, SNAP, Google, Adidas, Apple, Intel and Total.


Now that we have established that StsRoyal has something to offer to all traders as per their interest, let’s move onto the most important element after that; security. This is paramount nowadays as there are countless scams being operated online and StsRoyal is aware of this fact. Therefore, they have paid special attention to ensuring the rights and privacy of their clients is are fully protected. The first thing that people worry about is the security of their confidential information i.e. their financial details.

You don’t want your information to be easily accessible to hackers if a trading platform is compromised. This is where encryption technology can help and StsRoyal has taken full advantage of it. Encrypted information cannot be deciphered by hackers, which means you can rest assured that your information is safe. Moreover, StsRoyal has also implemented KYC (Know your Customer) and anti-money laundering (AML) policies. The former verifies the identities of the trader and the latter prevents the platform from being used for money laundering.

Trading Platform

When you sign up with a cryptocurrency investment firm online, how do you begin trading? This is where a trading platform comes in and StsRoyal offers you a web-based one. This is a plus because this means you don’t need to download anything as you can directly trade from the website. You can execute all your trades in real-time and you can also make use of the graphs and charts provided and customize them as per your preference. Apart from the web-based platform, StsRoyal has also kept up with technology and offers you a mobile platform that allows you to use your smartphone for trading purposes.

Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you can download the app with ease and trade just as smoothly as you would on a web-based platform. With a mobile application, you can keep an eye on the market even when you are on the move. In addition, it gives you the opportunity of cashing in on short-term market movements as soon as they take place.


For new traders, it is vital to know as much as you can about the market so you can make profitable trades. However, even professional traders need assistance in the market because things can get very competitive. Here again, StsRoyal can turn out to be a huge resource because it gives you access to a plethora of tools that can make trading easier. You can find an economic calendar, which outlines all the events that can have an impact on the price of some tradeable assets. There is also a detailed asset index that gives you detailed information about the current status of a specific asset.

Other than that, StsRoyal also has a daily market summary and a live market summary. With these tools, you are able to get an idea of market movements because you have a record of daily summaries. This enables you to create patterns and predict the next set of movements in the market. You can get a weekly as well as monthly market summary on StsRoyal. In a nutshell, there are enough tools on this website that can help you in managing your trades effectively.

Account Types

In order to get started with trading, you first need to sign up for an account on StsRoyal. There are several account options provided by the investment firm because it wishes to cater to traders of different backgrounds. There are five account types available, which range from a beginner account for those who are just getting started and go as high as the platinum account, which is for professional traders. The basic account can be operated with just a small amount of $250 whereas you need to deposit $2,000 for the bronze account. Through these accounts, the bonus you can get bonuses between the range of 10 percent and 20 percent.

However, if you are interested in getting more bonus, you may have to sign up for the silver, gold and platinum accounts. The silver account provides you a bonus of 60 percent. In this account, you can get price alerts as well as daily financial analysis of the market. But, this account only gives you access to a junior accounts manager. The gold and platinum accounts, on the other hand, enable you to get a senior accounts manager. With a platinum account, you need to deposit at least $25,000, but this is still a perk because other big investment firms require a minimum deposit of $50,000 for their biggest account.

The gold and platinum accounts also let you create your own strategies and the latter also has an introductory session with a skilled and expert trader. The investment firm also offers you a referral program that you can take advantage of, which gives you rewards when you recommend StsRoyal to your friends.

Payment Methods

Another major concern that traders have when they sign up with a investment firm is the payment methods that are available. When it comes to depositing money into your account on StsRoyal, you can use your debit and credit cards. If you are more comfortable with e-payment services, you can use Neteller, Giropay etc. There is also the option of bank wire that can be used by traders. As far as withdrawal is concerned, you can get your funds back into the same account that was used for depositing.

The amount you have deposited can be returned to your debit and credit cards as well, but your profits will not be withdrawn in the same way. These can only be received through bank transfers. As far as the time taken for deposits and withdrawals is concerned, it depends on the method you utilize for either. Withdrawals also have some fees associated with them. You can find detailed information about these charges on StsRoyal’s website as they have chosen to be straightforward about it.

Customer Service

Traders consider the customer service of the investment firm before they opt to use their services. A feature-rich trading platform, tradable assets and tight spreads are of no use when a platform does not offer quality customer support. In this aspect, StsRoyal has truly excelled because it gives you numerous options for contacting them. There are separate email addresses for your finance queries and general customer support inquiries. A live chat option is also available along with a call back option. You can find phone numbers on the website and eight different numbers are available for eight different countries. You can get in touch from Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, UK, Peru, Panama and El Salvador.

Last, but not the least, StsRoyal has also created a whole library of educational material for traders that include in-depth training sections and videos pertaining to various markets. This material can help traders in adding to their knowledge and learning new skills and strategies that can come in handy when they are trading real-time in markets. Hence, StsRoyal can provide an all-in-one package to new and professional traders alike.

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