Super Lucky in SuperLotto Plus Draw

California is home to some of the most famous lotteries in the world and CA SuperLotto Plus is no exception. The latest prize distribution in the lottery has soared up to $36 Million. Individuals who win these jackpots have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change their lives for the better. However, not many are aware that lottery wins are not easy to retain especially if you get carried away with so much money in your hand.

The question remains though is how are lottery organizers able to generate so much wealth in their game? The answer lies in the publicity of these events on multiple platforms including social media, newspapers and direct mail marketing. Besides that, SuperLott Plus lottery can now be played online as well, this means that it is available to more than 3 billion people all over the world. In order to organize lotteries on such a large scale, organizers employ the services of leading software engineers to design systems that can run and distribute lottery takes to the online audience with much ease.

California Mom wins $14 million in SuperLotto plus draw

Experts have long suggested that lotteries are a game of chance, the winner can only win by pure luck. Their claim came out to be true in 2013 when a single mother of four stopped by her local CVS store to buy four lottery tickets to local games. After she had selected all the numbers, she realized that she put an extra credit by mistake. Frustrated that she put in an extra dollar and could not retrieve it back, she decided to actually purchase another ticket for herself.

A couple of days later when she checked the SuperLotto Plus results, she noted that the tickets she had intended to buy originally did not get her anything as they did not match the lucky draw. Hence, she decided to check the results of the extra one, to her amazement that additional ticket won her a lottery jackpot in SuperLotto Plus!

The mother who is originally from Vietnam was single-handedly raising her four sons. She was originally from Vietnam and was working day and night to make ends meet. Her prayers were finally answered with the jackpot win and she used it to buy a home for her whole family. While in America, the winner did not have time or budget to visit her family back home prior to the jackpot win. Soon after winning the lottery, she decided to visit her family in Vietnam. This is one of those few examples where lottery winners have been very intelligent in how they spend every penny of their jackpot and turn their lives for the better!

Why most of the people end up losing more than they win in a lottery?

The answer to this question lies in the minimal amount of homework that people do before they actually win the jackpot prize. It is usually recommended that whenever you buy a lottery ticket, you should make a vague plan in your mind on how you would spend a large sum of money in case you won the lottery jackpot!

When you starting thinking about your lottery win in advance, you will realize there are multiple finances that you need to take care off. There might be overdue student loans for your children or worn out tiles in your house that you have been thinking of. Once a couple of things start popping up into your mind, you should devise a rough estimate of how much each cost and allocate a budget for them. This is the only way how you will be able to secure winnings for a longer period of time.

Things to avoid after winning a lottery jackpot

Some of the things that you should never do after a lottery win include:

Announce your winnings publicly – The last thing you want after hitting the jackpot is your extended family and friends coming to know about a lottery win. Think hard about who you really want to share your good news with. People like your parents, your favorite siblings and very close friends should be on top of the list of people you want to disclose the good news too.

Go to a casino – People consider alcohol as an addiction, well, for rich people, gambling in a casino can become an addiction too. Hence, it is very important that keep away from these places. Even with little research, you will find that many lottery winners who were careless with their money started gambling and lost more than they actually won. Eventually, they ended up in a worse state then they were before.

Open Multiple Bank Accounts – Scammers are always on the lookout for people who have access to a large amount of cash. The more bank accounts you open, the more vulnerable you become for such ID thefts. If you do not want to keep all your winnings in the same bank, you can ask the organizer to distribute your earnings in equal yearly installments or buy gold or stock to distribute your wealth into different asset classes.

How to increase your chances of winning a lottery?

One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning a lottery game is by forming a syndicate or pool in the game. To form a syndicate, you need to have a couple of people pool in a large sum of money and buy yourself what is called a group ticket. If you by a 10-unit group ticket, this means you have 10 chances of trying your luck at a lottery draw. If you do hit the jackpot, the prize is equally distributed amongst all members of the cartel.

The odds of winning a jackpot prize in any lottery in the world are one in many millions. Therefore, when you do finally hit the jackpot, you should ensure that you use it wisely because it might determine how your financial health will look like even after your retirement.

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