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The trading world is a complex and diverse one and has the potential of offering people huge returns when they do things right. There was a time when becoming a trader was tough because it was not easy to get a broker and there were some barriers to entry that you had to overcome. However, things have changed considerably and people can now join the trading community thanks to the convenience the internet has to offer. These days, you can find brokers online and use their services to take your first steps in trading arena. But, there is also one downside; scams and frauds are rampant on the internet and you don’t want to be a victim of one. 

Therefore, you have to exercise caution when you are looking at the numerous trading platforms at your disposal in order to ensure you find a secure and reliable one. A great option that you will come across is RoyalCBank. Most people will dismiss it outright because this particular trading platform was established in March 2018. The fact that it is a new one may cause people to worry if it can be trusted or is just another one of the scams. But, RoyalCBank has grown in popularity rather rapidly in the few months it has been in operation and has become the top choice of numerous traders. 

This is mostly due to the fact that RoyalCBank is a comprehensive trading solution and offers a myriad of features to those who use it for their trading needs. If you are looking for a platform, it is a good idea to consider RoyalCBank because using it will give you access to various features and some notable ones are highlighted below: 

Feature 1: Wide array of assets for trading 

One of the biggest advantages for traders when they choose RoyalCBank is that they are able to use it for trading a wide array of assets. Even though you may start out with just one asset when you are getting started, there is a good chance you may want to trade others as well. Obviously, you don’t want to switch platforms so quickly or you don’t want to manage multiple accounts over different platforms. This is exactly where RoyalCBank helps because it allows you to trade in markets that appeal to you. Some of the options you will find are: 

Commodities: Commodities such as gold and oil are considered sound investments in times of economic uncertainty. If you want to invest in them, RoyalCBank can provide you with the tools and features needed for making smart and educated trades in this market. 

Stocks: Whenever you think of trading, the first asset that pops up in your head is stocks. It is one of the top markets and with RoyalCBank, you can buy and sell stocks of some big companies and industry giants at high leverage and low commissions. 

Indices: If you don’t want to expose yourself to risks in the stock market, indices might be worth considering and you can reap the benefits of fluctuations in the commodity market, thanks to RoyalCBank seamless features. 

Cryptocurrencies: These are the newest asset in the trading world and even novices have heard about Bitcoin. RoyalCBank provides its users the opportunity of partaking in this newest industry trend and you can not only purchase Bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin are available. The contract sizes are flexible and high leverage applies here as well. 

Forex: This is perhaps one of the biggest trading markets and one that you can access through RoyalCBank. You can buy exotic and popular currency pairs with ease as the rates are competitive and direct market access is available on margin. 

Feature 2: Different account options available 

As mentioned above, RoyalCBank is a comprehensive trading solution and this is because it has been designed to cater to the needs of all kinds of traders. It is a fact that there are some new and inexperienced traders, some have had a little bit of experience whereas professional traders can also be found. The fact is that their needs can vary drastically because their trading goals are different. The good thing about RoyalCBank is that it has provided several account options that can be chosen by people as per their preference. You can make any one of the following accounts on RoyalCBank: 

• The first account type you will come across is Starter and the name itself is quite self-explanatory. It is suitable for those who are just getting started with trading and are on the conservative side when making decisions and executing trades. 

• Silver is the second account type that is offered by RoyalCBank and is aimed at traders who have gotten their feet wet and need a bit more room to make their trades. 

• The third option is the Gold account and this is ideal for traders who have chosen to trade as a serious venture and not just as a side hobby. They are willing to invest more and also need access to some tools that can be immensely helpful in their activities. 

• The last option that people will find on RoyalCBank is the Platinum account, which has been especially developed for professional traders who work in the market full-time. These traders don’t just need an account that enables them to deposit more, but also want to have access to advanced features, tools and software that can be useful in making decisions. 

Feature 3: Numerous trading platforms 

When it comes to trading platforms, RoyalCBank has kept up with technological advancement due to which they are offering several options to make the entire process as easy as possible. First off, there is a web-trading option, which is well-designed and can be used smoothly on a PC or laptop. But, if neither of these devices are available, the mobile-trading platform can be used for greater flexibility as it works on smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets. There is also the option of trading apps that can come in handy as they allow you to execute your trades on the go. 

Feature 4: Plenty of deposit and withdrawal options 

As it is a new platform, some traders are concerned that RoyalCBank may not be able to offer the standard features that others can provide. Luckily, this is not true as RoyalCBank has incorporated all such features that are needed by traders for being able to do their work efficiently. This means that the platform provides support for all standard methods of deposits and withdrawals. You can go with the option of debit and credit cards, bank wire transfers and local online payment methods as well. Moving funds is quite easy on RoyalCBank and you it aims to process transactions as quickly as possible for the convenience of traders. 

The same is applicable in the case of withdrawals. Debit and credit card transactions are immediately processed, but the bank transfers might take a while. Likewise, the time taken by online methods tends to vary. If there is any delay, clients are informed immediately and RoyalCBank requests all customers to verify their accounts in order to ensure all transactions are conducted smoothly. 

Feature 5: Extensive customer support offered 

The customer service department of RoyalCBank is another feature that helps it stand out amongst the plethora of trading platforms in the market. They have a dedicated team of customer support representatives who are sincere in their task and are ready to ensure that all traders on their platform are able to have a smooth and hassle-free experience. The customer service team is at hand to provide assistance round the clock and attempt to provide comprehensive and simple solutions and answers to any queries or problems that users have. 

As a matter of fact, their excellent and exemplary service is the reason that RoyalCBank’s customer service department has succeeded in winning a variety of awards. This is a great example of the credibility and quality of this trading platform. Moreover, as RoyalCBank is aware that traders come from different backgrounds, they offer customer service in a number of languages that include, but, are not restricted to, English, Chinese, Urdu and Arabic. People can get in touch with their team through email, live chat or via phone, depending on how urgently they need an answer. 

Feature 6: Safety and security is a major priority 

If you take a look at the privacy policy on RoyalCBank’s website, you will come to realize that the trading platform has covered every aspect when it comes to the safety and security of their customers. They have used top notch security measures, which include encryption system and strong firewalls, for ensuring that all interactions between the customers and the website are safe from any outside interference. Secure protocols are used when any transaction is conducted on RoyalCBank and the chances of information being compromised are next to nothing, unless the account user hands out the username and password on their own. Therefore, it is recommended that users should not share their sensitive account details with anyone or else it will compromise its security. 

Feature 7: The availability of high leverage 

RoyalCBank saw a rapid increase in its user base because it has catered to all kinds of trading style by offering great leverage options to traders. It doesn’t matter what style you tend to follow; you can get access to both levels of leverage i.e. 1:100 as well as 1:200. These are some impressive ratios and offer traders the potential of reaping very high profits, as long as they make the right decisions. 

Feature 8: A complete education center 

When you are entering the trading world, no one is going to ask you what your qualifications are or if you have any experience. You can sign up on any trading platform like RoyalCBank even if you are a doctor who doesn’t have any idea how to trade stocks, foreign currencies or even cryptocurrencies. As long as you have money to invest, you can get started. In the beginning, you may even end up making some profitable trades, but these are nothing but lucky decisions. Eventually, the market will catch up and you will lose everything you have put in. 

Experienced and knowledgeable traders, on the other hand, are familiar with how the markets work and can take steps to minimize risks. How can you do that? For this, you need to study and learn. RoyalCBank recognizes the importance of trading education and has created a complete education center where its users can find detailed videos, e-books and webinars on the topic of trading. You can learn basic as well as advanced strategies, how to read indicators and what to consider and not to consider. All this education can make you a better trader and give you the skills needed for trading efficiently. 

Feature 9: The overall operation and ease of use 

As a whole, traders will find that RoyalCBank is able to offer a much smoother and better experience than other trading platforms. The website has been well-designed and updated as per the latest standards and is also mobile-friendly. The structure is also appealing and it is easy to find what you are looking for, whether it is the latest trading news or your past trading activities. Navigation is easier than ever as everything is accessed with just a few taps or clicks. Other than that, the process of creating an account and signing up is also straightforward. No complicated steps need to be performed and the instructions are very easy to follow. 

The only thing that traders need to remember is that they have to be at least 18 before they sign up on RoyalCBank. Also, it is best to check with the laws and regulations in your country to ensure there are no problems. As long as you do that, you can use RoyalCBank for building up your trading portfolio by trading the assets of your choice from the comfort and convenience of your home.

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