ExpressVPN - Choosing The Best VPN

Now, many of you already know VPN stands for “virtual private network”, basically a private network across a public network. It permits users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly linked to the private network. 

An ideal VPN should provide these basic benefits to the application running across it- 

· Functionality 

· Security 

· Management of the private network 

One of the most popular VPNs these days is ExpressVPN. I did softcore research and after trying a few other VPN services I now have some clear points to discuss. I will put forward a few points which form the basis of my experience using ExpressVPN. 

Speed and Privacy 

Starting with the basics, I found ExpressVPN very easy to set up and the speed fast enough. In fact, I find the speed better than other VPN providers. The encryption is good and I really found VPN kill switch very helpful as a privacy feature. It has one of the best logging policies and has well-balanced performance and privacy which I can’t even argue about. 

The customer service is on point and very helpful for which I can give them extra points. When I was researching about which VPN to select, I found few users say it works well even in high-censorship countries. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to test it, but by far my experience was good enough so I hope I can rely on it too. 

Subscription and Payment 

I will be honest, when I first saw the subscription rates I was quite taken aback. Surely, it’s not for budget-conscious people. You have to pay around 13$ for a single month subscription. Of course, I’m aware of their long-term plans where if you take subscription for 6 months which costs around 60$, you will land on paying 10$ for every month. And if you take 12 months subscription it will cost you 100$ and you will end up paying around 8-9$ for each month, which frankly isn’t very wallet-friendly according to me. 

Some of you may not agree with me regarding my perception of their pricing but as a consumer, I will always try to find a better alternative. There are other Hong Kong VPN services which provide 18 months subscription for about 50$ and another giving 2-year subscription for about 70$. Here the pricing is definitely on the expensive side for me. 

You might find coupons and other deals which will surely bring down the pricing but even if you don’t, then think of it as an investment which will surely speak for itself. 

Other Features 

If I overlook the pricing point, one of the biggest factors I will choose ExpressVPN is its feature and speed which I find better than other services I tried before. 

· Server networks- It has got the largest server networks compiling about 100 countries and more than 2000 individual servers. 

· Custom Apps- ExpressVPN covers Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, Android, and even some routers. 

· Easy to use 

· Has Browser Extension 

· Good range of supported devices like games consoles and streaming devices 

Now, something I want to point out, which some people might find annoying, is the simultaneous connections which are limited to just 3 devices. It didn’t bother me any time before until I needed to connect more devices and I was more disappointed when I found out another VPN provider has limit up to seven devices! 

Overall, I would definitely recommend ExpressVPN to everyone who is looking for speed, privacy and a host of good features!

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