How to Select the Right Email Marketing Platform for your Business

One of the most effective ways for businesses to share its message, sell their offerings and build a relationship with their customers is email marketing. As a matter of fact, companies sending automated emails are 133% more likely to send relevant messages corresponding with the purchase cycle of their customers. 21% of email marketing revenue is generated through automated emails. Suffice it to say, email marketing is a pretty big deal for businesses and if you want to engage with new prospects or customers, then you will require an email marketing tool. This will help you in managing your campaign, lists and connecting with people.

However, you have to be very cautious when choosing an email marketing tool because it is not just about sending random emails to prospects. You have to communicate with people in a humanized fashion, which means delivering your message via targeted content. This can only happen when you have the right email marketing tool. How do you select it? Here are some of the factors to consider:


First and foremost, you should understand that CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) is your friend in digital marketing. Sending emails and updating lists manually is very time consuming. Therefore, choosing an email marketing tool that seamlessly integrates with CRM will give you a hassle-free solution for managing customer data and valuable content and will also give you some important metrics like click-through-rates and open rates. Check the tool’s review on to see how it works.

Reading and viewing options 

Nearly 43% people are now checking their emails on their smartphones. In today’s tech world, not many people open their emails on traditional desktops, which means you have to select an email marketing tool with mobile-optimized templates and functionality. If someone opens your email on their mobile device and it doesn’t open properly, then they will immediately close it. This will increase bounce rates and your efforts will be wasted.

Response handling 

Email response handling is of the utmost importance, regardless of whether your business is medium, small or colossal. Yes, it is true that if you have a small business and you don’t send out that many emails, you don’t require a very sophisticated email marketing tool. Some of the handling and response you will be able to manage manually. But, when a massive amount of emails have to be handled, you need to select an email marketing software that enables you to aggregate customer responses into tickets and send automated messages, which is immensely beneficial.
Choosing the right email marketing platform can make a huge difference in your efforts of using this strategy for your business. It is true that email marketing is providing a significant ROI. But, you need to realize that this can also depend on the software you use for your marketing. If the tool is not effective, you will end up struggling in managing your marketing efforts and this could cause problems in your strategy in the long run. 

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