Ido Fishman: Investment Tips That Teenagers Need To Know

Ido Fishman has always been a major proponent of starting early when it comes to the matters of investment. He himself started investing his money in various things when he was in his teenage years. He did this because he was well aware of the fact that there needs to be a financial safety net in the future and in order to create a deep ne, he would need to start as early as he could. So, he did precisely that. His saving journey had a lot of sacrifices in it however, once he was done, he was able to enjoy a lot of financial freedom when he grew older. 

While growing up, Ido Fishman saw different individuals and being the financial mind that he is, he analyzed everyone’s financial situation to see when he should get started with his saving and investing journey. It did not take a long time for him to realize that he needed to start early. So, after almost a decade of saving up and making sacrifices, Ido is now able to offer others his handy advice regarding how investments and financial matters work, especially for teenagers. 

If you happen to be a teenager who wants to have a secure financial future, it would be wise to get started as quickly as possible just like Ido Fishman did. You will be able to take a lot of burden off yourself in the future, and once you do, you will be able to utilize your energy on other financial and business endeavors that could help you gain even more money. The thing that Ido tells everybody to focus on is playing their cards right. There are a large number of people who have every tool and opportunity in the world to make it big. But because they do not pay attention to utilizing their times, skills and opportunity correctly, most of them tend to be left behind. 

Luckily, if you are reading this, the article discusses tips and techniques by Ido Fishman himself to gain investment mastery. Once you follow these tips and implement the knowledge you have gained from other professional financial advisors as well, you will be able to make it big as an investor. In addition, you also need to make sure that you are true to yourself. There are quite a lot of people who delude themselves by procrastinating on their investment journey time after time. What ends up happening because of this is – they are never able to make it big and get stuck in an endless loop of failure. So, you must remember that there is no better time for starting than the present. Once you enter your feet in the investment world, you will learn a wide variety of things that will help you to improve and make wiser investment related decisions in order to gain an excellent financial future. So without further ado, let us look at what Ido Fishman has to say regarding the matters of investing in your teenage years. 

Common Roadblocks for Teenage Investors 

Just like every other investor out there, teenage investors also tend to face a plethora of problems during their investing journey. One of the biggest problems is that most banks do not allow teenagers to open their accounts. Sure, there are a plethora of investment apps that you can join , but you have to be at least 18 years in order to join. This does not mean however that you should wait around to become eighteen and then enter the world of investment. As Ido Fishman says, there is no better time than the present one. 

Now most of you might be wondering if there is any alternative to this problem. Luckily, there are a few of them. One of the most common solutions to these problems is opening a custodial account. What is a custodial account you ask? Well, it is a simple bank account just like every other bank account however, there is a small difference, and that is – you can only create this account with your custodian, parent or guardian. Of course, this doesn’t sound like a liberating idea but for now, it is the only option you have. SO why not go for it and make your own account when you get older? Quite a lot of former teenage investors did this, so you can do it as well. 

Coming back on the topic of roadblocks, there are some roadblocks that are completely under your control, while there are other roadblocks that you cannot do anything about. So let us talk about things that you actually can do something about and one of those things is, spending too much money for entertainment. 

Now, it is obvious that it seems virtually impossible to have fun without spending money. Want to hang out with friends? You’ll need money, want to buy a new gadget? Money is required there as well. So how can you spend your teenage life saving up your money and investing in things when you know that there is so much fun to be had and that your teenage years will never come back? Well, you may not like the answer to this is – but the answer is sacrifice. Look at all the greats in the investment world and also from other areas of life. Everyone had to make some sort of sacrifice in order to achieve greatness. Do you want to spend a good overall life or do you want to have a good life only for your teenage years? Think about this question for a while and when you are ready, take your decision. If you are a sensible person like Ido Fishman, you will definitely choose to have a better overall life. So, prepare your mind for making sacrifices and get on with your investing journey. The sacrifice might seem quite tough to make, but if you are patient and persevere trough the difficulties, the success you will gain from it will be very satisfying. 

What Should You Invest In? 

There are a plethora of options at your disposal that you can choose to start your investment journey. Ido Fishman says that you should not invest all of your money in a single thing because it is quite risky. In case things go wrong, you could end up losing all of your money. So what should you do? Well, let’s start with the basics. If you want to keep things simple and do not want to face the day to day hassle, the best option for you would be to invest your money in a savings account. 

Savings Account 

This is one of the most convenient saving options out there. It is as simple as it gets and you do not need to have any technical skills or advanced knowledge in order to invest your money in a savings account. Ido Fishman advises that you should only choose reliable bank to invest your money in. A large number of renowned banks offer excellent packages for their saving accounts, they will reward you with a certain amount of money if you deposit a particular amount for a certain period of time. 


Now this might seem like a risky territory for teenagers but if you really take close look at gold investments, you will realize that it is not tricky at all. It is quite lucrative actually. As a matter of fact, a large number of people have been investing in gold for the past couple of years for their excellent profits. This includes teenagers as well. More and more teenagers are investing in gold coins and gold bars and earning a sizeable amount of profit in 2 to 3 months. It is extremely simple and you can do it too. 


You have more than likely heard about the stock market. Tons and tons of people solely earn their money by making investments in the stock market. Now, before you enter the stock market landscape, it is important to keep in mind that it is probably the riskiest option out there. That being said, the reward is equally bigger. All you have to do is spend a certain period of time to learn how stock investing and trading works, once you do – start by investing a small amount of money or better yet, hire an experienced stock broker to take care of your stock market investments. 

Real Estate Investments 

Now once again, investing your money in real estate might seem like a slippery slope at first. However, it is extremely profitable if you play your cards right. Real estate investment might seem like something that only adults should do. However, teenagers can also do it. As a matter of fact, quite a lot of teenagers have earned thousands of dollars by investing in real estate. You just need to start small and spend some time regarding the ins and outs of the real estate industry. Once again, although this form of investing could be slightly difficult for teenagers, but the rewards are equally lucrative as well. 

The Importance of Creating an Investment Strategy 

There is nothing more important than creating a bullet proof strategy for investment. This advice is not only for teenage investors but adult investors as well. Quite a lot of people start their investing journey without a plan and end up paying the price after a couple of weeks or months of starting their journey, This should not be the case however. Ido Fishman says that you should never be hasty regarding the matters of money. In fact, you should take as much time as you want to come up with a solid strategy. 

Now it is obvious that creating a strategy takes some time and requires you to have some baseline knowledge regarding what you are doing. So take your time and start creating your path towards financial success. Also, you do not need to create your strategy alone. You can take help from tons of people who have had success with their investments. Pick their brain on how things work and ask them for their advice. If you believe that their advice is good, implement it to your strategy. 

Losses are Part of the Game 

If you are afraid to enter the world of investment only because that you are afraid to lose your money, it would be better to not invest in anything at all. Ido Fishman also faced financial losses in the early years. However, he did not take these losses to heart. In fact, he learned from them and got better. You should also have a similar mindset when you enter your footsteps in the investment world. No matter how good you are, there will always come a time when you will face a loss. 

However, do not let that loss hold you back. Learn from it, become better, and once you do – chances are that you will regain your lost money through some other investment. Suffice to say, losses are part of the game. Therefore, it would be a wise idea to prepare yourself for them as they can happen to anyone and at any time. Just make sure that you find out what mistake you made that led to the loss and do not repeat it again in the future. It will make you a mature investor just like Ido Fishman. 

Return on Investment Takes Time 

Sure, there are a lot of people who gain profits within a few days of starting investment. But that doesn’t mean that it will happen for you or other investors as well. You may even need to wait for months or even years before you start seeing a decent return on investment. Keep in mind that investment is generally a long term strategy. It requires you to be patient, and only those who are wait for their profits and are not greedy are able to make money through their money. Therefore, just like Ido Fishman, be patient, and wait for the right opportunity.

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