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To enter into the trading world, you need the services of a broker. Finding a broker is not a difficult thing to do these days because you just need to do a Google search to get it done. You will find a ton of options that seem suitable, but you cannot just take them at their face value. Making a website is not very difficult these days and lots of scammers have taken advantage of this fact by making fraudulent websites and exploiting people. Therefore, you need to be very cautious when choosing a broker, especially when you intend to trade seriously. Switching brokers every now and then can be a hassle due to which it is recommended that you opt for a platform that offers you a comprehensive solution. 

This is what you can get when you decide to go with StsRoyal. Created by a group of experts belonging to different fields, StsRoyal is an all-in-one trading platform that gives traders the opportunity to trade in a variety of markets, as per their preference. The trading conditions offered by the platform are flexible and it also has features that allow StsRoyal to accommodate all kinds of traders with ease. 

When you visit StsRoyal’s website, what will immediately appeal to you is its clean design and simple user-interface. You don’t have to hunt for anything you wish to see as everything is highlighted clearly for better understanding. Navigating the website is very straightforward and it gives you the response you would expect from an experienced brokerage. In order to get started on StsRoyal, you need to make an account through which you can conduct trades. The good thing about this broker is that it offers you five types of accounts to choose from and you can select an account type according to your skill and comfort level. 

Different Account Types 

- Basic 

This is the first option you will find and is recommended for beginners because it requires you to deposit only €500 in order to take your first steps in the trading market. Just because it is a basic account doesn’t mean it cannot offer you anything; traders will be able to use advanced charts available on StsRoyal, attend trading sessions twice a month, get trading alerts and trading signals, get daily market review and use junior account manager for two weeks. 10% leverage is offered at this stage and you get a loyalty bonus of 30%. You can also access some of the educational materials provided on the website and 24/5 customer support is included. 

- Silver 

This particular account type suits those who have made a few trades and are willing to invest a little bit more. The minimum deposit limit for the Silver account is €2,500 and all features provided in the basic account are also available in this one. There are slight changes like the leverage is 20% and trading sessions are twice a week instead of a month and this can be incredibly useful. 

- Gold 

Seasoned traders who are looking for some polish can go with the Gold account as it asks for a deposit of €10,000. Apart from the features of the other two accounts, Gold also has an increased leverage of 30% and provides traders with access to webinars and exclusive updates. They can also freely access the education center on StsRoyal and can also use both junior and senior account managers and also obtain trading signals twice a day. You can also attend trading session three times every week. 

- Platinum 

Expert investors will find the Platinum account immensely useful as it has a minimum deposit requirement of €50,000 and they also offer a loyalty bonus and leverage of 40%. With this account, the limit on trading sessions is removed and users are able to check trading signals multiple times a day. 

- Diamond 

This account is the ideal option for expert traders who are moving to the professional level. The minimum deposit limit for this account is €250,000 and there is no maximum limit so you can invest as much as you want. You can get pretty much everything when you have this account and the leverage is also increased to 50% because professional traders are willing to risk more. The loyalty bonus is also 50% in this account. 

Trading Platform 

These account options are definitely a perk and combined with the use of Tradologic, StsRoyal is a very convenient broker. Their decision to forego MetaTrader4 may have been surprising for some, but this software is also a great one and enables traders to have a seamless and smooth experience. You can execute trades without any hassles as the software doesn’t lag and allows you to make quick and speedy transactions. 

Referral Program 

The referral program at StsRoyal is another feature that has helped this broker in standing out amongst the various options in the market. As the name indicates, you have to refer the platform to someone in order to enjoy the perks. You get 10% commission whenever your referral makes a deposit in your account and this means that you will be able to earn thousands of dollars in commission alone. Also, if your referral refers someone else to the platform, even then you get a 3% commission in your account. 

Webinars and More 

Another way StsRoyal has transformed itself into a comprehensive broker is by offering webinars and other educational courses to traders. These webinars are conducted by financial experts and professionals in the market and they are an excellent source of information about the latest strategies and tactics that can be used for improving trading outcomes. 

Thus, StsRoyal can be a great choice when you are looking for a broker and they offer you a secure and trustworthy platform where your funds and financial information is kept secure and protected by the strongest encryption.

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