How to Hire the Right Recruitment Agency

The decision to use the services of a recruitment agency is not a very difficult one. Saving money and time on recruitment and staffing doesn’t have to be a hard decision. However, when it comes to choosing the right recruitment agency, you may have to make a bit more effort. What things should you seek in an agency and what red flags should be avoided? Selecting a recruitment agency is not an exact science, but you want to be confident that you are choosing the best one to suit your business’s needs.

It is a given that when you hire a recruitment agency, you expect to choose from the best candidates for a position and you want to fill the vacancy quickly. You can get the best shot at the top talent in an industry when you hire a recruitment agency that focuses on a select industry. For instance, if you belong to the automotive industry, look for a motor trade recruitment agency. These niche agencies are familiar with the industry. They network in this area, belong to different trade groups and also speak the language. They can even identify passive candidates for some positions.

Ask about the recruitment agency’s own turnover. If it is higher than 15%, you need to look for a different agency. You also need to figure out if the agency is familiar with the trends in your industry. They should know what kind of candidates can be hired, what compensation will have to be paid and so on. 

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