Installing Right Air-Conditioning System Without Spending Too Much Money

Every summer comes with new levels of humidity and heat making everyone tired of the cruel high temperature. Many people install air conditioners in their homes or offices to kill the heat.

Today’s newest air-conditioning systems also offer additional value by significantly reducing energy bills.  Generally, the capacity of a cooling system is measured in tons. The term tonnage is the amount of heat that an air-conditioning system can remove within an hour in your home.

Installing the Air-Conditioning System 

In present time, the newest air conditioners are not only more powerful and quieter but also are most energy efficient than previous ones. However, installing a cooling system does require you to keep a few things in mind, such as, the size and capacity of an air conditioner.

An undersized air conditioner lacks enough power or energy to cool your house while oversized air conditioner can make the air feel damp from excessive humidity.  Therefore, installing a cooling system requires determining the right size and right tonnage of the unit according to your room size.
For example, a one-ton air conditioning system expels 12,000 BTU while a three tone air conditioner tends to expel 36,000 BTU. So, if you live in a house of 1600sft, an air-conditioning system of 2 and half tons. Make sure you hire services of a qualified contractor to determine the capacity of your air-conditioning system.

Know the Requirements 

The installation of a central air-conditioning requires new circuit breaker in the electric panel along with a new ductwork and a concrete slap to mount the new unit. Since installing an air conditioner is a crucial task, make sure you do not risk yourself by trying to attempt it yourself.

Choose the right contractor 

Choosing a right contractor is crucially important for your air-conditioning system work efficiently and long lastingly. It’s strongly suggested not to take any chances and make sure the contractor you hire is not only qualified but has enough experience and reputation in the relevant market.  

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